b series honda diff question

any links or anyone know for 100% certain what honda b series uses a 66 tooth/14 bolt ring gear lsd style differential.


edit-- im thinking a jdm integra type r…

you’re correct, but also it’s USDM models as well, 66 tooth ring gear, 14 tooth mainshaft= 4.71 final drive ratio= expensive ITR trans

fuck. i have this lsd w/ the ring gear on it. it physically will not fit in my gsr case. my gsr has same number of teeth on the ring gear–66 teeth. yet it is 10 bolt.

problem i have, i was planning on straight swapping lsd/ring gear. the lsd unit will not fit in my case (94 gsr) on the bottom/bell housing side (speedo gear side when working w/ tranny split open) the thickness of the lsd will be into the cast case fins… it is like the actual section of the lsd that houses the sun/planetarys is thicker.

so what usdm market cases will work. maybe i can find a bad tranny or swap cases.

or if it is to much of a bitch, ill just sell this diff and buy another one. just looked on ebay, they are asking 750 to 900 for it w/ ring gear. hell i’d sell it right now and buy a mfactory or quaife.

on bright side, my 150k tranny looks brand new internally. always a plus there.

Sails, what you have is a b16/LS type diff/gear. Physically the same size, but has a diff tooth pitch, and does not match your countershaft. Yours is a the 4.40, the one you are trying to use is a 4.266. JDM ITR would be 4.785, but uses the same 4.40 countershaft.

b16 and LS differential/ring gear combos are different than all the other GSR/ITR diffs. They have a smaller bolt pattern. Physically they are the same dimensions though, so if you swap between thier respective cases, as long as the diff and gear and countersahft are from the same setup they’ll fit just fine. On a side note: Have you changed out the bearings on the diff itself yet? The reason I ask is Honda has a superceeding part number that does away with the angle-tapered bearing and moves to the new cartridge bearing that does not need preloaded, and does not use the shims that were inside your tranny case. Call me and I can explain in greater detail. Do not sell it off yet.

So, match the LSD to the type of diff that is in your trans.

Also, your diff must match the countershaft!!! 4.40 ring gear must MATCH with a 4.40 countershaft. There is a gear built into the countershaft. If you dont match them (like LS countershaft with GSR diff) then you’ll nuke your trans in a heartbeat. The pitch of the gear teeth are different.

my problem is the defferential will not physically drop down into the case. the diameter of the clutch pck housing is up against the ribs of the case.

i have an obd1 gsr case, and obd2 gsr case, and a jdm itr case-- none work. slim chance if you bust out the ribs and shim it, it may work. im not willing to do that. if it is oem, it should fit like oem.

Clutch pack? No OEM diff involves a clutch pack. All of them are helical, and fully interchangeable. Is this a Kaaz, by chance? Even if it was you have the wrong fitment, as I’ve installed a few Kaaz diffs and they fit perfectly.

Hey quick question I have a b16 with obx r lsd diff ring has 64 teeth and it has a 10 bolt pattern… I broke 6 teeth on the diff ring and shaft has few teeth damaged aswell . My question is I have a ls Tranny aswell can I use the ring and shaft from ls and put the lsd and it’ll work?