Batmobile stupid but curious

what is this car made of?
i have looked around and cannot find out too much about it except that there was a few ever made for the movies 1 and 2 with keaton and the car is 20 feet in length it looks sick as hell to me and i personally think it is the meanest looking of all the batmobiles i just love the way it looks and what not really mean looking
pics to enjoy

i also remember christy’s? or christie’s having an auction on these the ones that actually drove and what not and i remember a few people bought them and actually drove them around minus the flame thing in the back i believe?

anyone? anything?

Your internet searching skills are the suck.

Lengthened Chevy Impala’s

I loved when they had it in Drew Carey Show and Drew was driving with Mimi (heavy makeup lady), and he said, look kids, I caught the Joker :wink:

ahahaha yeah that was classic

I love that batmobile… used to have a poster of it on my wall as a kid.

Shit, anyone remember when it was at the erie county fair? Probably back in 89-90? I was STOKED

I think I’ve seen the newer Batmobile about 4 times. I have seen the original Batmobile about 10 times. Last time was I think last year at SEMA. The thing is a boat.

maybe a boat but id be scared if i saw it driving down my street

I was thinking the same thing while reading this thread. I do remember that.

ahaha bump for more information