Best "OWNED" video..

best part is the nerd kid hitting the dude right in the face at the end of the video

damn … thats alot of ownage !

thats fuckin sick shit

Some of those are painful to watch… YIKES!!

oh man, some of that stuff looks wicked as hell…good music to go along with it too

hahaha that was hella entertaining even though ive seen all of them b4

and yea the dude getting hit with the marshmallow was awesome
and so was the philadelphia flyer getting owned lol

Open car door, stick out face, get it blown off by front of another car. What was he thinkin there.

i beleive thinking went out of style many generations ago … his family gene pool has no synaptic functions left

i can just feel the pain with some of those…i love that video of the news lady falling at the end and that noise she was making