Biden Presidency Discussion & Memes (46th President)

Will read that tomorrow…

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Jesus Christ, reading these daily makes me laugh every time!

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Feels like a Military response is the only way to curb the flow.


I find it odd that many of these people have literally zero belongings with them. Even the ones with backpacks, you can tell those aren’t even close to full. IMO there is something much deeper going on with this and maybe I’m just not educated enough in it.

Human osmotic pressure. This is by design.

Fortunately, people who work this hard to come to america are going to make better americans than many who take it for granted. However, we will primarily be hearing about the bad apples going forward.

It is being speculated that after the trans agenda runs its course the migrant riots are coming… i was told this today in fact.

F-35 related, lol