Trump Meme Thread (45th President of the USA)


yo… there a thread for this shit yet?

we gonna talk about this?

ib4politisuck :slight_smile:


add a poll to this also? curious of who loves him and who hates him.

i like him for many things even though some things i think are a bit crazy


He is the reason I will register and vote for the first time. Sadly, I don’t think he’ll actually win, even if he gets the majority popular vote.


I added a poll. Be advised it is public.


Where is the option for- I am voting for Obama again.


In the beginning he was a breath of fresh air, said some things normal politicians would not have which was cool. Now he transforming into this mega-douche, that doesn’t know when to stop. Its crazy how many radical right wingers(?) still support him without question.

If he gets the GOP nomination then I’m not sure who I would vote for, certainly not Hilary or Bernie.


this guy was never a breath of fresh air, he is an embarrassment that shouldnt be anywhere near this election. A distraction / circus for the media to focus on and shove down our throats. He shouldnt be taken seriously in any sense of the word, for anything.


If Trump wins the primary, Obama automatically gets elected to a third term. It’s in the constitution.


Obama doesn’t believe in the constitution so I guess this could happen.


I don’t think Hillary has a shot in hell of beating anyone she runs against. That said, while I don’t agree with many of the outlandish statements Trump has made i understand why he is making them. He didn’t accidentally find success and he isn’t accidentally running away with the nomination. All he does is win and I want that in a president.


Guys, don’t worry about Trump. We have checks and balances.


Presidents believing in the constitution went the door with Bush administration. Everyone else is following suit.


fuck that, Charlie Sheen for VP on the Trump / Sheen ticket.

i really do want to see trump get through for so many different and opposing reasons. it would just be so interesting.


as a pretty staunch republican, with admittedly many views similar to those of trump - i can think of worse outcomes than him becoming president and coming in like he bought a company to turn around, make profitable again then move on. we need that, it would be great - it will not happen. when the time comes, he will not be the primary republican candidate.


Yea, something has to give.


Does anyone else think that he runs on his own and Hillary wins because of it?


If he ran on his own, that would be why Hillary would win. America is very dumb, and I could see him being president off the TV show alone.


Didn’t he sign a thing that says he won’t run independently?


I am pretty sure he told them to shove it up their asses. That may be a direct quote.


I’m entertained by the idea of the Republican party imploding if he’s the nominee, but I am extremely concerned with how successful Trump’s strategy has been of tell gigantic, blatant lies, then if the media or anyone else calls him out on them, accuse them of being biased or straight up make fun of them, then double down on the lie or tell more of them…yet every time he does he GAINS supporters. When truth doesn’t matter in the slightest for half the country, we’re all in big trouble.