OBAMA Tickets at Alumni Arena


Is anyone at or near UB Alumni arena? is there already people waiting in line for tickets??

I cant leave work until 2, wanted to see if it was worth going and waiting.



If you buy a ticket, Obama will probably make you give it to the less fortunate.


who the fuck would buy tickets to see him?


Tickets are free and are one per person.


Do I get a free cell phone for attending?




Can’t wait to go I’m ready



No but the line of apparently unemployed people who can sit around waiting for free tickets all day on a weekday is pretty ironic.


Maybe we should have good ol’ Barry talk about this while he is in town:


New York Welfare Recipients Now Earn More Than Teachers

A new study from the CATO found that welfare recipients are able to earn more money than full time teachers.

The statistics are unsettling.

A mother of two living in New York is now able to collect $38,004 in benefits. That is more than the salary of a schoolteacher in the same state.

Good grief. Where is the incentive to work when you can make more sitting at home?

The study was done by the CATO Institute, a libertarian group committed to free markets.


I go back to work on Thursday after being off for two weeks :frowning: Or else I would totally be in. I knew how this thread would look before I even clicked on it. And that article above me is a crock of shit, but it has more to do with the fact that teachers are getting boned super hard right now than welfare.


I’ll take a free ticket to the gun range.


It is super particular about being a mother with 2 kids who is on welfare. You can’t deny the fact that the welfare is a little out of hand. Hell, almost all government aid programs are right now.


Line was half a mile long, only 1000 tickets available. I’m sure they will start popping up on Craigslist


Can’t get tickets to see Obama…



I don’t care how badly they’re being “boned”, the two should never even be close.











True, and I think the flaw is the extra benefits people get for having more kids they can’t afford. It’s one thing if you’re providing for a family and your employer lays you off or goes under. It’s another if you’re already unemployed and you pop out more kids to increase your benefits. I think any additional pregnancies while already receiving benefits shouldn’t get you a penny more, it’s bad enough that they already will cost us thousands in Medicaid costs. We reward people for poor family planning.