OBAMA Tickets at Alumni Arena


the goal is to look out for the children who didn’t do anything wrong, how do would you deal with that? Not caring just makes things worse down the line.


So it keeps getting worse for everyone paying for it?


Ok, so I’ve heard these tickets say right on them that it is illegal to resell. Craigslist has a few posts for $400 for 2, $100…etc. Typical grimy people trying to sell things they had no intentions on going to and screwing those that actually cared to go.

(I wouldn’t go)


so you would ignore the child who did nothing wrong to punish the parents?

my solution would be to take as much of the cash handout out of the picture as possible. for example, you get a food basket with healthy cheap food, not a debt card to be used at mcdonalds.


Slightly off topic but i watached a news clip last night on some of the topics they would like to discuss with obama and many young adults were complaining about college costs and not being able to repay the loans and how they will have to live at home for many years after college to pay back loans…i want to slap these kids.


Stop getting degrees in basket weaving.


or liberal arts…


This, plus require accounting of where the money went. When I travel on the company dime I have to submit an expense report showing how I spent their money and prove my $50 dinner wasn’t a McDonalds happy meal + hookers and blow. Seems fair to me that welfare should be the same way. I’m fine with not requiring recipients to pay up front like most business people do but if you take $600 in assistance you better be able to show $600 worth of receipts for approved items.

Then go one step farther and require X% of what ever income is reported on your taxes also be accounted for going to legit expenses. Things like cigarettes, smartphones, casino spending etc would not count as legit expenses.


It’s funny you use that example :lol:

Government GSA schedule is X amount of money a day based on location.


LOL, for sure. BTW…why Buffalo, did he really like Duffs that much?


would be funnier if people that didn’t want to go all got tickets and threw them out so he showed up to an empty room.


Then how the fuck will we be able to enjoy baskets??? We need weavers!

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MY FB post was half joking but I asked for tix and said I needed fire starting paper. I would totally burn or shred the tix and risk the NSA droning the shit out of my house.

Awesome idea, well said.


I wish one of the news stations would have the balls to report how much this little visit is costing UB, Amherst and WNY in general.



You’ll need ID to see him speak, but needing one to vote is out of the question…


Well News 4 showed this one:

These 2 buses were apparently flown in and dropped off at the airport. These are Prevost buses ie $500,000 buses… also they dropped off SUV’s and equipment. How much fuel do you think they used transporting these buses across country in a jet?


I’m pretty sure that is the least expensive part


I would say his vehicle entourage would be cheaper? 5 Suburbans is still way less than these 2 buses.


5 Armored suburbans? :lol:


vs. 2 armored $500k buses :slight_smile:


Exactly, the AF1 flight and security details alone DWARF the cost of getting the 2 buses here.