OBAMA Tickets at Alumni Arena


I was thinking more on a local level. What will this cost the taxpayers of Amherst in police overtime etc.


I passed those two busses this am


I like that you blame the president for most of the benefits that are mandated by the state. Silly goose.




Definitely not blaming the President on this one. It just happened to be in the President’s speech thread and not banished to politisuck for once :slight_smile: Although that may be the first time I’ve ever been accused of being overly critical of Obama :lol:

As for the punishing the child criticism, I would couple it with a big push for adoption. It’s way too difficult for those who want to adopt a healthy American baby right now. If the welfare recipients were going to have another mouth to feed, and not getting any more money in their check to do it, suddenly that becomes a much more appealing option. Pretty much everyone already has access to contraception, so that shouldn’t be an excuse.


Access to yes… But heaven forbid anyone talk to people about how to use it, it’s effectiveness, etc! You have no idea how many stories I hear out here in UT about teenagers/young 20s getting pregnant on accident because they’ve had sex before and never gotten pregnant before so they thought they were sterile!




You forgot the “we have to get married first, so lets get engaged, then married 2 months later so we can have sex!”


agreed…so tired of that conversation. i graduated in 2005 with somewhere around $70k+ in student loans both government and private…fixed rate and variable rate. my job out of college paid $30k/year. somehow i managed not to live in my parents basement, pay for a wedding and reception, buy a house (plus a few others) and 8 years later have just a few thousand dollars in outstanding loans because their interest rate is like 1.8%. now granted my wife and i have done well on our investments since around 2008, but i was able to manage just fine in a pretty typical post-college life for a few years without crying about my student loans crushing my existence.


My neighbor is the chief of Amherst PD. He told me they will be shutting down all the roads around UB. Obama is heading to Rochester after UB and his convoy will be big and well protected.

They also fly in all their own TSA type equipment to screen and check all the people going inside alumni arena.

It’s a like a big traveling circus haha


Is anyone just fascinated by this? The University at Buffalo whined for so long that it couldn’t set its own tuition rates and now the President himself is going to commend them for doing a good job on keeping their education affordable after NYS passed legislation (last year?) so they could set their own tuition rates (obviously higher).


He is the best ping pong player I’ve ever seen. Even better than Forest Gump.


The ball is in play.



That’s all


doesnt suprise me at all, sounds like your average politician.


I’ll offer 6 packs of beer for the food basket all day long. I bet I’d get 100’s of food baskets. Then I’d start a food basket grocery store were you can come in and exchange your food basket for beer, drugs or hookers. Win Win Win

Shitty people will always be shitty.


it’s funny as a joke, but poverty can be reduced if we take it on seriously.


So you’re saying donate MORE money overseas?


Can someone ask him why gas prices are so high?