OBAMA Tickets at Alumni Arena


If you’re on the 290 right now, you’re gonna have a bad time.


I have to travel from WS to GI around 12:30, I’ll be sure to take the 190 up there instead of the 290…


Caught the convoy…


Top Gear America is filming on the 290 today. They’re having a challenge where the hosts take average vehicles and convert them into a presidential motorcade. Oh wait…



lol… he just called Higgins the mayor of Buffalo.


What’s all this nonsense about rating the value of a school? Rate the value of an individual DEGREE from that school, not the whole damn school itself.


so i guess this already happened?

If i were home i would have tried to go see this.


Why? The man is destroying America.


That’s racist.


Yet factual


I’m far from an Obama fan, technically I despise republican and democrat politicians equally. That said the problems we face are lingering and exponential. To blame our woes on Obama, Bush or any one mouthpiece is horribly narrow sighted. And above all else, the government is merely reflecting the greed and apathy of “we the people”…we are letting them get away with everything.