The Trump Presidency Discussion Thread (Non-Meme version)


Since the other thread earned its value with memes, we can use this to maintain actual discussion on the status of the white house such as cabinet selections, policy, etc.

Keep in mind that this thread should be used for civil discussion. There are a lot of smart people on this forum and their opinions and analysis of current political news should be respected and debated without spiraling into a red vs blue, left vs right, libtard vs wingnut battle. (Unless Bing is involved.)


Did you just make a safe space?


lol This is going to go swimmingly.


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a little name calling among friends is fine :slight_smile:

i appreciate Aaron’s perspective on things as much as anyone elses. i wouldnt call this a safe place beyond the fact that i wouldnt take any criticism too personally. and i’d rather ask stuff in here than on reddit anyhow.

my comment in the other thread, leading to this one, was about Trump’s stand in the last couple days (maybe longer) but attacking Boeing, Lockheed and others about their contracts with the US GOVT.

safe to assume that these contracts were always inflated with limited accountability anyways but Trump calling these guys out and bypassing the media going right to Twitter in some cases is notable.

i guess since he has proven to have an impenetrable flack-jacket up to this point he might as well just keep going.

I can’t see any other individual being able to effectively challenge these institutions on the costs of their projects.


Read the book: Skunk Works by Ben R. Rich, it explains why everything that’s military cost so fucking much. Paralysis by analysis basically… they’re their own worst enemy.


Coupled with people making decisions that have had an open check book for years and no repercussions for making bad monetary decisions. (i.e. - anyone in Government).

Oh and the fact that contractors and companies have been able to pillage these contracts.


yeah i’m down with this… it’s reached epic status in Ontario GOVT stuffs.


Although I will take Trump over Hillary any day, I still feel like he will just be throwing deck chairs off the Titanic. We will all just fall asleep in the icy cold water eventually.


I am of a similar opinion at this point. However, the icy water will only last 4 years. Maybe some of us Fat Americans can survive long enough to see whats next.


I’m going read that. I recently read 'More than my fair share of it all" by the creator of Skunk Works, Clarence Kelly Johnson. It puts an interesting perspective on that change. (Although it’s mostly a biography.)

I work in the aerospace industry and while this can directly effect my career I have no problem with him picking on things like that. The habits of the government have rubbed off on the defense industry as well.

However, it’s pretty damn crazy that a tweet can totally fuck up stocks like this. Isn’t a stable market a good thing? Him singling out companies can cause a lot of damage to working people.


the more i pay attention to the stock market the more i approve of the short term impacts of what trump’s tweets can do.

the only people that bail on a Lockheed or Boeing stock on a Trump tweet are:

  1. made their money and needed a trigger to realize gains and move into another hold
  2. liberals

lol… obviously joking but if you are selling off your positions because of a Tweet you weren’t really in for the long haul anyways so might as well let someone who isn’t blinded by nonsense take a position at a slight discount.


Read up on SBInet. If this scenario took place in the private sector, everyone would have been fired.


This ^


we’re not even on the second page and this has gone alt-right LOL


Why are you putting labels on me???


I only labelled the content


Anyone else find it a but ironic that the left is up in arms over Russia POSSIBLY hacking a couple gmail accounts and releasing some true things from the Hillary campaign machine but having no problems with Hillary and the Clinton Foundation accepting millions and millions of dollars from foreign governments? The fake indignity about “Russia was trying to influence our election” is disgusting.