Trump Meme Thread (45th President of the USA)


yesterday morning he said he was to run independently.

or thats what i saw a headline on a news thing while walking by the treadmills at the gym


He said that if the Republicans “don’t treat him fairly” (which for him, probably means he doesn’t win), he may run independently. I hope he’s a man of his word for once.


It is cute to see people watching the puppet show and discussing voting as if it actually means anything.

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They could make it really gripping if Trump purchased Premier Election Solutions in the next act before the election.


Trumps candidacy and increasing popularity in spite of his anti 1st and 14th Amendment (et al.) rhetoric are the death knell of American Exceptionalism.

I guess we’ll see who the joke was on when it all shakes out in the end.


In the debate he said he would not pledge to support the GOP winner and also not agree to not run on the independent ticket.

I just think this is hilarious that the GOP has collapsed so bad. They had 22 candidates at the peak and Trunk is the best one they have. Amazing.


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Trump has my vote. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he sure is a hell of a lot better choice than Hillary and Sanders.


There are many other choices.


But they’re politicians…


People will bitch no matter what and it isn’t a uniquely american thing. Justin Trudeau has been PM of Canada for like a few weeks now and already there are all these huge memes and posts and articles everywhere about how he is the worst PM in history already…

I really do hope Trump makes it right up to the end if not goes all the way. It’s very interesting to follow this whole thing and it serves the republicans right for not producing a single worthy candidate in like two decades.

Trump is more representative of the US populace than Hillary is anyhow

i just saw this yesterday :slight_smile:


I as talking more in the traditional sense, that as a result of being a a new nation free from a history of aristocracy and a rigid class structure, that the US as a nation could be more progressive with greater freedom, equality, democracy, etc. It’s the basis for the “American Dream”

Conceptually, it’s more of a lofty goal, that I think we used to strive for, not a metric that can be measured against other nations. Now it’s just a dated concept that no one really gives two shits about as long as they have their guns, 200 channels in HD and the impression of freedom.


I honestly believe it’s stuff like this that’s driving Trump’s rise in the polls.

There is a huge demographic in this country that aren’t on social media and are completely fed up with this social media blown out of proportion outrage over every perceived slight. When Trump goes out and calls Fiorina ugly and then doesn’t apologize they’re like, “wow, that’s a dick thing to say, but it’s better than this spineless apologize for every BS slight someone manages to hype on Twitter nonsense”.

Personally, I’m ready to fall in line behind some anti-PC messiah and usher in a new wave of people having thick skin and being able to take a joke. I want to go back to the days when that “I’m fat and fabulous” chick who somehow got a reality show I’m seeing commercials for would have been told, “No, you’re just fat and no one wants to watch you on TV”. I just don’t want Trump to be that messiah.

And while Trump saying we should ban all Muslims from entering the US is terrible Hillary refusing to say “radical Islamic terrorist” is almost as bad. If you’re too chicken shit and PC to even talk about who you’re at war with how are you supposed to fight them? There’s got to be a middle ground here where we admit we are at war with radical Islam but that just because you’re Muslim doesn’t mean you’re a radical terrorist.

I still say Rubio will be the nominee and Trump being a businessman and knowing full well that an independent run is just pissing money away will not run without the republican nomination.


I like that he’s not part of the establishment, but I don’t really know what principles he would use to lead. Thanks, media, for the sensational reporting of the election.


I’m just sick of BS career politicians. If that means vote for Trump…fine.


Anything he says now on policy (which is almost nothing) means nothing because he’s just do whatever’s on his mind a few mins later. If you like reality TV then watch that, but don’t put Trump’s racist finger on the button of all the nukes.



Sound like the author of that article skipped high school history class, lol.

What makes America “exceptional” is that our freedom is defined as coming from nature, our birth, God, etc and not from the government, king, dictator, etc. and that our government exists by the consent of the governed. Compare this to every other country in the world at the time of our formation (and arguably after) and you’ll see why American is exceptional.

These are the “self-evident truths” that Thomas Jefferson spoke of. See the Declaration of Independence.

The author of that article simply misinterprets “exceptional” as a measure of economy, education, etc. when it has nothing to do with that at all. Although it’s common for people to confuse American exceptionalism with American arrogance or a belief that we’re #1 at everything.

It absolutely can be measured against other counties if you’re using the proper definition of American exceptionalism. And it’s certainly not out dated.


Uh, this is rich coming from a Democrat.


I am just here for the implosion of the GOP as we get closer to February if Trump is still leading.