Big Truck Carash/Explosion

Wow this is nuts. Looks like its from a movie or something.

Damn, that one little car got owned. That guy that was tailgating the car that just disappeared probably shit his pants.

Wonder what caused the truck to go out of control like that. He wasn’t even going very fast.

yea, i cant figure out why that truck when nuts like that either…it doesnt make sense, ive never seen a semi even be able to turn that sharply…

road rage.

tierod let go or something? Thats crazy

i wonder what caused that.

that’s what i was thinking at first…maybe with the combination of roid rage.

Lmao… I just got the funniest image in my head!

A guy who looks like Mario just whiggs out and jerks the wheel.

as in… SUPER mario???

Yes… it was an Italian highway and I have a problem where I over steryotype any race/ethnicity/creed/ect.

If you wanna make it better it could be flame spitting mario.

I guess he would look like this


i’m guessing his v-tec kicked in…

seriously though, I hope no one was killed because that fire looked real intense and there was a car that just disappeared into it

^ The info said 7 people died.

yeah I probably should have bothered to read that before asking stupid questions

LMAO those two little cars got owned.