black steel rims for VW passat..01 1.8t

hey got wifie some snow shoes where can i get some cheep black steelies to fit her car??

anyone got any?

Why don’t ya check with Mike ( Sailor )??

the passat has the goofy lug pattern like bobby311 just ran into. its 5x112 and sailor did not have anything.

best bet is to order them off tirerack.

Last year at this time, Tirerack was cleaned out of steelies, at least for a WRX. Better move quickly.

I wouldld’t have thought that he personally would have…but they may have some layin down at Maroney’s and he would be one to know.

thats what i am saying, maroneys does not have them either

i see… I just wanted to make sure he considered that too





I have a set of 4 steel wheels here at work. 15 inch. 3 of them are brand new-- $40 each. other one is used, full size spare so “used” but never really used. that is $25.

a4 bolt pattern is the same. 5x112, 45mm offset.

i have 7 15x7 7 spoke alloys. they are 50 a pop. im sure a price could be made on a set of 4…

oh yeah, another thing. i dont see why 15 inch wheels wont fit on the passat. as all passats came w/ the same brakes. showing no different interchanfge for front calipers. so that would tell me that if a 15 inch steel wheel fits a base model, than it would fit a higher line model. i know other vw models have fucked up stuff going on w/ clearing brake calipers, but i dont see this as being a problem on the passat.

You’re right–15’s will fit fine on that model Passat.