Bmw g87 m2


As an F87 M2C owner im very interested in this car.

The rear bumper makes my eyes bleed a little bit. I dont like how the hvac is all in the screen and i hate that there is no DCT anymore…

However, this seems like a legit new release. The #'s from IND’s dyno are impressive. More rwhp than the posted #.

The F87 M2 is definitly better looking but this G87 is better looking than the M3/M4 with thr new gay grille… which i hate slightly less now than i did initially.

It certainly needs to be lowered a bit or taller tires. The F87 M2 does not need to be lowered. I just put spacers on and there is almost no wheel gap. This one is 50% Viper gap.

I suspect the looks will grow on me. A lip and skirts and do a ton for the already better looking f87 so they should do a lot here too.


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Toronto red blahhhh

Bro, toronto red is a pretty hot color. I dont need it to be called toronto but bmw should always offer a red as standard. They havent on many m cars for a while.

Really interested to see what the competition version looks like when it drops

Will be here soon and I’ll update with all of its quirks and features

Competitions are awd autos. Failed the mission. I also like the red, it looks great. The black does too but can’t see the cool roof option

I survived the DeMuro video (barely) and it’s a pretty cool car.

lol at the single bulb lights being a “throwback” sounds like they made that up.

Who thought the fenders sucked? That’s the best part of the styling IMO. But DeMuro seems to think people hated it?

Performance exhaust sounds better, never turn that off.

@king you need matching shoes now like @bing :athletic_shoe:

I do wear newbalances tbh.

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hold on… single piston floating caliper rear brakes?

f off…

Retrofit bigger ones?

The fuck, even my m light has duel piston rear wtf

I mean if it gets the job done and doesnt fade why not? Engine braking can be tuned to me more aggressive and this would minimize unsprung weight.

But when I’m in the parking lot standing around my car that has never been driven hard enough to remotely stress the brakes near the point of fade all the other parking lot standers are going to make fun of my single piston calipers and that will cause my dick to shrink.


My Miata has like 1 piston calipers sometimes.


I’ve done w2w road racing with rear drum brakes.

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oh so a BMW M car doesnt need 4 piston rear calipers?

maybe you should all pin your mags to 5 rounds then too?

maybe eat ze bugs?

i want to see the excess death stats for braking related deaths of 4 piston rear calipers vs. single floating piston rear calipers.

and don’t try and skew the y-axis on me… i see you


My dodge viper only has single pistons rears? maybe that is why its so savage


i dont like the way the carbon wings come up so high at the sides… not necessary but there will be other options soon.

however, the subtle lip and the new stance cutting the wheel gap with the suspension, rims and tires improve the car a great deal. makes the rear bumper corners less disagreeable imho.

if the comp or CS versions address the rear brakes then i think they’ll have removed any potential objections to this variant of M.

Some subtle tweaks are going to make this thing wild in an FBO form.

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Mine doesn’t even have ABS. IDK if other years are the same.

No ABS or traction control, nothing… just your right foot.

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