Took a Few Pics...

I’d have to say this one would be my favorite :slight_smile:

I’ve got high res if you guys want…just let me know, sized them down and reduced the quality quite a bit to make them load a little quicker.


note to self… dont race the clean red stealth :slight_smile:


Love the rear bumper, gives it that agressive look. Dont those cars have dual exhaust? Looks nice!

nice :tup:

I almost bought those wheels :tup:

i’ll take a peace of that :wink: nice ride dude, i like the fogger

looks nice… especially that engine shot

all depends on the model. for stealths, only the TT’s had dual exhaust…

Looks good, needs that wing though :wink:

very nice car you got going for ya there

That thing is lookin pristine!