Boston Pictures [56KDIE]

My Trip to Boston:

I just gota say that they drive worst then us.
and cops there are undercover like woah.

saw a newer green mustang with a hood scoop pulling someone over.

and now the pics.
All the pics can be found here:

Downtown Boston:

wow those pics of the building are so fucking hot

awesome pics dood… I’m glad your camera is getting a great workout :slight_smile:


NICE :slight_smile:

awesome pics, i love boston

needs more boobs :wink:


:tup: to the photo skillzzzz nice pics


LOL…FUNNY msn.COM…they def do drive worse than us and maybe NYC…Boston is a fun time

Dammm nice pics, great photo skills.

Look real nice man, great cam work. :tup:

thanks for the comments guys

your photo skills never cease to impress me :tup:

Those pictures are amazing. Nice work. I like the one of the all window building looks like it goes on forever.

nice pics Ian… your camera skills are always awesome :tup:

i havent been to Boston since i live in RI…its a nice city

good pics, i love Boston…such a cool city. Did you stay in Boston or in the suburbs?

in the suburbs and took the T into the city

we stayed at my wifes friends house

We stayed in West Roxbury, cute area and then got a hotel the second night in Needham. Definitely a fun trip!