bubble tea...

am i just completely out of the loop? Did anyone else notice there is a new Bubble Tea place in the exact same location BTC was?

i’m sooo happy… made my day yesterday. :smiley: yum

ahahah yeah that is called Bao and its been there for at least 3 months maybe longer…

way longer


lol…wow…I am a regular there they know me and my gf by name

I should go tomorrow and get a bubble tea… it’s been FOREVER

i was cravin a bubble tea yesterday…

anybody know if they finally got slushies there?

bubble tea is fucking weird. i don’t like being surprised with balls in my mouth. HAHAHAHL:FSJ:LSJFD.

Well aren’t you just special. :rofl:

MmMmMmmMmm i want a slushie

The last time I had some it tasted like seaweed.

Sure you do. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol…yeh its been around all of this year

i <3 chinese bakeries…now i dont have to go to toronto to eat em…

…i tried to not be biased considering that ive work at the OG BTC for like 2 yrs…their bubble tea is good…but not as good as ours since we imported our BTC flavors… i do like them though.

super nice people that work their though :tup:

I wish they had Bubbless Tea, those rabbit turds annoy me. The only thing they are good for is spitting them at people.

you can order it without balls if you want rosario. i used to order 1/2 the amount of balls all the time… mmmm coconut bubble tea… :lickout:

BT never had it before

maybe I should clean the sand off my vagina and give it a try

i had seaweed for lunch :slight_smile:

and word Bao has been around for over a year easy


Why Yes, Yes I am

i want a bubble tea right now…lol

MmmMm :lickout:

i just stopped over at Bao about an hour ago for the first time since the old place closed. Large green apple… ugh so good.