Building a fill station for HPA airsoft / paintball

I’m looking to start filling my own bottles since the airsoft fields are always out of air.

Does anyone have any info on this? Or have any scuba tanks they want to offload?

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Couldn’t you purchase/rent for life a big tank from a welding supply shop?

This is what I would do. Pretty sure HPA compressors are ridiculously expensive.

@Gus I drive past a welding supplier … Amazon has kits for $50 to diy at home. Assuming others may buy in for refilling. I’d put in some money to it.

My airsoft gun is battery powered

Right… If you’re only playing indoor that’s okay, but shooting 100ft+ at Lionclaws events, you need hpa or gas blowback to hang with the big boys.

I guess what I’m looking for is anyone with experience doing this…

I know I can buy a scuba tank with the fill assembly, but I don’t want to pay retail of anyone has scuba tanks laying around.

If anyone is curious, in shooting a Jack v2 with a 36/3000 tank

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And yes HPA compressors are very very expensive

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Damn, so not close quarters unless you want to inflict real pain huh?

I bought my airsoft gun like 7years ago lol.

Are you filling 4500 or 3000. I used to have my own fill station when I was playing paintball. Very simple and I think the scuba tank cost 15 to fill. I bought my tank from dip and dive on Niagara falls Blvd. This was years ago

The beauty of HPA, I can adjust the FPS with a dial on the LPR. BBG only allows 350fps, but I shoot around 315-325. I’ll transition to side arm for anything close, so not to hurt anyone.

3000/62u How many fills would you get off a scuba tank?

It has been a long time but I think I used to get like 3-4 100% fills and maybe 15 additional 60-90% fills. If you can get a hold of a steal tank that can hold 4500psi you will get a lot more in the same size