Burnyd Drifting


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nice. That song cracks me up every time. Fuck, yeah!

somebody needs to teach that kid how to use a Z master

I love the comments they left. Stupid people didn’t even get the joke.


fat kids can’t drift

wtf your living proof bitch!

I’m chubby, your fat, big difference:love:

fat is fat stop denying your fatness fatty.

look fatty, if I were fat I wouldn’t be able to fit in a 240 and I would have to go buy something with room…like an f-body.

God knows how you fit in that mr2 comfortably?? :booty:

with your sister in it.

can’t talk with those wings in your mouth huh chubby?

haha…great video and song…

He fits the same way bettis fits into a ferrari 360.

actually I edited that comment to be nice…

I saw the first comment and will keep quiet for a small fee :smiley:


let me see it, if your chubby fingers can retype it


i think “husky” is the word you were referring to?