Capcom Is Rereleasing All Street Fighter Alphas

"CAPCOM SAYS they’ll be (re)releasing their Street Fighter Alpha Anthology this summer.

This original compilation (read: old stuff) will include Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold and Street Fighter Alpha 3, as well as Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (aka Pocket Fighter). Five games on one disk. Cool. Although there was nothing about added content or bonus artwork, just the games ported straight from the arcade version."


those games were the shit…

Oh man so many blisters were made growing up with the Street Fighter games. I really need to pick up a new one.

Who care’s Mega Man Anniversary Collection and Mega Man X Collection are Campcom’s greatest re-release.

And trust me, I have beat SFII on seven stars with all characters and no continues. Anything other than the original is poopy.

SFII Turbo was pulled out on my buddy’s SNES last spring break. I played until my thumbs were literally bleeding, mainly because I hadn’t picked up a controller for like 3 years… = link to Shoryuken vid (forward to second 36 )

Shoryuken (properly pronounced as three syllables, “sho-ryu-ken”) roughly translates as “Rising Dragon Fist” (“Sho”=Rising, “Ryu”=Dragon, “Ken”=Fist or Punch). It is an attack developed by Goutetsu, the creator of the martial art Ansatsuken: an aerial punch that spirals in mid-air and is very devastating. In the Goutetsu style of Ansatsuken, the Shoryuken was meant to kill anyone in one stroke. In Gouken’s school, the Shoryuken was meant to bring defeat in one move, even without the Shoryuken’s “initial killing touch” (hence its original billing as a “sure killing technique”).

Up until Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the Shoryuken was invincible all the way up, and was only vulnerable on the way down. Since then, the properties of the Shoryuken differ from game to game, but most of them have substantial invincibility at the very beginning of the move.

Shoryuken is also known as Sheng Long


  • When Street Fighter II was first released it was Ryu who scarred Sagat with a Shoryuken. After the release of the Street Fighter Alpha Series, it was later retconned that after being brutally defeated by Sagat, Ryu was instantly possessed by the Satsui No Hadou for a split second; and because he wanted to win so bad, he attacked Sagat with the nearly fatal move known as the Metsu Shoryuken. After this devastating attack, Sagat received his remniscent signature scar.
  • It was also said that Sagat created the “Tiger Uppercut” to match Ryu’s Shoryuken in earlier versions of the SF Story. = ?