car stereo equipment and radar ditector

i have recently wrecked my car due to madical conditions and now im tring to get rid of all of the stuff from my car and when i use to work at circuit city in the road shop i have aquired a few things such as

1). alpine iva-d310 i bought it for 1400 will sell it fer 750 . . it is practically brand new . . . if u have any questions about it ask me or too look at at it go to and you can find it there you also will recieve the ipod interface and the sirius radio tuner each are worth 100$ you will get both these things with the t.v all work great

2). 1 12 JL w6 in a single ported jl box bought it for 350 brand new will sell for 200$ again any questions about it ask or visit there website.

3). 1 jl 500by1 amp goes perfect with the sub bought it fer 500 will sell for 250 basically brand new any questions ask me

4). 1 4 channel infinity 100*4 amp for your component speakers in your car . will sell for 150 practically new ask any questions .

5). a beltronics 995 radar ditector with that hard wire kit and box for it will sell for 200 practically brand new for pics just ask

thank you guys for looking at my post and if you have any questions about anythign at all feel free to ask




ummm yea i had a seizure howd you know?

Yeah that was kinda fucked up

Just a guess, it’s one of the primary medical conditions that is limited by DMV.

Sorry dude, that really sucks.

You also posted that in your old build thread on here that you had a seizure and crashed on your cruise up to Lake George

yea i totally fergot about that . . . .

no takers . . . i know someone out there wants a flip out t.v or some kind of audio equipment fer there car . . its all very nice stuff