Car System :D

Hey guys, im sellin my car sub system cause ive gotten into a lil bit of credit trouble on my turbo project :wink:

System setup is (2) Aw1500q AudioBahn 15" Subs, 800RMS EACH, duel 4ohm voice coil. Ive still got the boxes and everything they came with. Heres a quick link to more specs -

Amp is a Boss Ripp Mono Class D Amp - 3000 Watts

One Ebay 1.5 Farad Cap That I Never Used

Everything was used for about 7 months, never pushed hard at all. Amp level\gain was always kept low. If i ever tried, my hatch rattled like a mother and it would get so annoying, id turn it down.

I will have pics up by end of today, gotta go snag my buddies digital cameria.

Make offer if interested.