Carbon Catbacks & Hydro E-brakes

some freshy gear came in today…

NEW ISIS Hydro E-brake units, with cylinders.

IMHO these are slightly lower quality than K-sport units. I have a feeling the grip on the handle won’t last too long and the body is not quite the same level of finish. That said, they’re much cheaper… $150 per.

There are newer units out now that i’ll bring in and take updated shots of when they come in.

SSSIIIIQQQQQQ carbon (fake carbon obviously) wrapped s13 catback… chicks will be on your balls instantly…

first $320 takes this home. prefer not to ship since i scrapped the packaging… but i will if necessary

has gaskets and stuffs.

ebrakes are sold out… have more coming in next week

have L-shaped hydro hand brakes in stock as well

What size are the fittings on the ebrake? Does it come with any line? Someone told me the isis brakes are a pain in the ass to find lines for.

line kits are available separately. i have a couple in stock but they are pre-sold.

I can get more quite easily.