ISIS 4" DD-Type Catback

This is the new hotness catback… nothing else out there as awesome at this time as far as i am concerned.

no mufflers, mild resonation… if they send me the mid-pipe with the resonator… sometimes they do, sometimes they dont…

this is a cell pic… sorry

And mounted on Ryan’s sexy S13… i didnt realize how far out this came. GREAT for aftermarket bumpers… awesome for stock too obviously's%20DD%20(2).JPG's%20DD%20(4).JPG's%20DD.JPG

$325 picked up… S13 only for now.

$350 with fresh urethane exhaust hangers

3" Tipped version of this is $325… available for S13 and S14

Add $30 for shipping

i can use the 3" tipped ones sometime next much you have in stock?

i only stock the 4" one right now but just let me know when you want the 3" version a week or so in advance.

how loud is this?

louder then 70’s jogging gear

If you’re turbo’d you won’t have an issue.

They do sometimes come with a resonated midpipe but its different everytime and I can’t request one or the other.

These are super hawt right now though… I can’t keep them in.

These are stupid loud! goodbye conversation in your car and hellow exhaust tickets!

why would you want to talk to someone when you’re driving a fast car?

I have S14 3" tip version of this catback in stock as well

updated pricing on this

Bought the full system off bing, looks and sounds retardedly amazing on a KAt. good purchase.

Can you bring in 3" for s14?

Yes I can, i have an order for inventory I’m placing tomorrow… You ready to go?

out of curiosity can you get the dual muffler catback??


s13 and s14 4" catbacks in stock right now

any of them with resonator?

no. but you can use the front pipe from a different catback to keep a resonator… or just man up?

pffftt bing i’m very man… you know it… but this is going on stock ka >_>

you’re a man but this is going on a stock KA??

come on brother man… don’t slip away on me.