ISIS 4" DD-Type Catback


Nice, this is the one I was talking to you about bing. I’m glad there is a pic of it on a white hatch aha easy to imagine it on mine. It sticks out more than I thought but none the less I like it!


What lip does he have on the back there? I want it…


oem urethane rear lip


still have 4" tipped (3" piping) S13 and S14 in stock.


Can you get single tipped versions of this like a buddy club spec 2?


iirc isis only makes this straight pipe in dual tip.


not bad, im running one on a rb engine, sounds mean and agressive, its sounds sick on idle like a dragster!! sick turbo whistle, tickets u may get depends on da cop and if ur pushing it!


I’ll definitely need to swing by and pick one of these up!!


i have S13 "4 tips in stock.