@Spam16v no way. Over capacity


I just bought my first house and I’m going to be living alone. I figured I’d get a cat so I always have a little buddy and my family always had one. Then my friend’s cat threw up on my lap top power cord, then I remembered why I loved my cat so much, it was because my Mom always cleaned up after it and all I had to do was cuddle with it. I’m gonna stick with tropical fish.

However, those Bengal Cats are fucking beautiful.


Massive amount of maintenance and care with those Savannahs. Still…


I feel like this was just a subtle (not so subtle in reality) way of telling us you just bought your first house.


Eesh…hope they are worth it…I’m sure they are…


Some are. They all have a ton of personality so they can be super rad/funny. They can also be huge pains in the ass and end on on C-List :slight_smile: They are needy, some howl for no reason, “marking” everything, destroy anything, territorial and aggressive toward other animals.

So basically from a genuine cat dude they can be the best or the worst! Lastly much like a dog a lot depends on how you handle/discipline them.


All of this ^^^^^^^^^^^


Sounds like my kind of cat…


It wasn’t the original intent of that statement but it can be looked at that way. It ties in to the cat ownership issue.


For the superbowl:



Quite funny…


After shaving my Maine C00n, Wasabi, every spring to look like a lion, we(the cat and i) gave up. He’s gotta go to a pro for his cut. Its way too emotional for the both of us. We both come out of the bathroom 3 hours later bleeding and crying.


oh lord. lol


One of my customers has two of these. Definitely shocking when you walk in the door.



for what reason? The size? the hair? the fact that he’s waiting at the door like a dog? Mine’s a big boy, acts much more like a dog than other annoying cats


yes, yes, and yes. I’ve seen some big cats but those looked like a Lynx.


The eyes on this thing when it wakes up and realizes it made a mistake…


My god…


LOL. That poor bastard