Cheap HJC Snell 2005 Helmet: $50 + ship

For anyone looking for a cheap helmet for yourself, a passenger or for autox/trackday. Enjoy!

link here

HJC CL-15 Pegasus Helmet
Shell features:

* Lightweight Injection-Molded Polycarbonate Composite Shell which meets or exceeds Snell 2005 & DOT standards
* Channeled dual density EPS liner
* Wind tunnel tested aerodynamic shell shape with an extra large eye port opening for greater visibility
* Three shell sizes for a more comfortable fit

Interior Features:

* Removable/washable Nylex® cheek pads and comfort liner remove easily for cleaning
* Optional cheek pad sizes to achieve a “custom fit”
* Streamline, wrap around neck roll reduces wind noise
* Padded chin strap design with nylon strap retention snap to neatly secure excess chin strap length
* Built-in communication system speaker cavity

Shield Features:

* Two-stage pivot mechanism compresses the shield into the eye port gasket providing an extremely secure seal
* Improved, no guess work, tool-less shield removal and installation
* Aerodynamic flush mounted fit for reduced turbulence
* Scratch resistant hard coated shield
* Optically superior 3D design
* Rated at 95% UV resistant

Venting Features:

* Flow through advanced channeling ventilation system with dual flow-through channels and two high capacity, multi-stage forehead intake vents
* Two rear Venturi exhaust vents
* Anti-fog system with adjustable side chin bar mounted vortex vents creating a low-pressure vacuum effect drawing heat and moisture out of the face shield area
* Adjustable chin vent re-directs air upward and across shield interior

sick price !

Damn they are sold out in Mediums :ahh


Awesometastic, just ordered one!

Fathead :lol I ordered one too but a different one.


Yeah, I saw. I have a huge melon, I measured it crudely so I hope it fits :shifty

Did you get the $79 one?

How much is shipping?..Just wondering. If they don’t fit you can probably sell it for more than $49 on ebay. :lol

$62 shipped, shipping was like $8 I think, plus ny sales tax? iunno.

Nah it was $120 something. I think the $79 one wasn’t snell, even though it probably doesn’t matter to me. I also did 3 day shipping so I hope it comes in before Friday.

FYI, the $79 CL-SP is also snell approved.

That’s what I got: :ninja

I got the flat black/white/red in XL.