Cheap magazine subscriptions ?

I can’t remember the site, I thought it was ebay, but I can’t find them now,
I purchased a year subscription to car and driver for like $4, it was a whole seller just trying to get rid of extra subscriptions.
I googled it but I could only find shitty deals, like 4 issues of mens health for like $10.


Ebay,how do you beat 3 years for $14.95? (For C&D)

I typed “Car and Driver subscription” into eBay and 5 results came up.

RewardsGold? always has them
$3 a year for car and driver is what I pay

Last year I got Road and track, C&D and eurocar for $10 for the year

Its not too bad to pay $10 for a year of MotorTrend…