check this out....

i think i might buy one of these

the galleria mall has these as i know cause i used to work security there…

its at the sears end… i forget what its called but yeah its there…
65 bucks if i remember correctly


actually, it’s pretty gay.


right up there with the scorpion tat

Damnit, stop posting pics of me giving the “all clear” signal after I take a shit!

hey i never said it was sweet, i just said check it out.

nah dude - whenever i wanna buy something, i usually better think it’s sweet. i wouldn’t spend money on something without a sweetness factor unless if it’s like new socks or dish detergent

the sad thing is, i could totaly picture Steve wearing one of those…

i bought one of those in february. it totally says:

“fuck the fuck off”

right now, but the batteries are dead.

as a fellow J33P owner I can not let you get this.