Chevy cavalier vs honda civic (wtf)

So I was with my gf on ROAD XXX in rochester…for those of you who are familiar we were at the light that connects longpond with ROAD XXX. I hear a really loud car pull up next to us so I glance over. It’s just a cavalier with a couple holes in it’s exhaust. The dude driving it, however, makes eye contact with me (kind of, he was wearing sun glasses). Picture an overweight vin diesel with mirror shades. He starts revving his engine and looking over at me, my gf is driving and we are in her beat up 93 civic hatchback. The windows were down and I had to say something…I said “what??? are you serious?? whats the point?”

his response “FUCK YOU!”

the light turned green and he burnt us as we went into a left turn.



Some people amaze me.

I don’t really look like a fat vin deisel… more like a michellin man who looks like vin deisel

the civic can never lose

unless the civic is vin diesel

oh, its on…I’m borrowing my gf’s civic this weekend and we’s gonna race…the race to end all shitty car races.

You’re so going down…its took years of neglect and a total lack of car knowledge to get this civic where it is today!


I witnessed the race to end all shitty races the other day, black cavalier vs pink cavalier. it wasnt pretty but it was really loud

haha that pink cavalier is famous

oh and i saw the ugly pink e30 out in westnekka the other day… that bitch is just as hideous

lol never saw the driver. glad i didnt

ROFL!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha!!

holy shit…I can’t breathe :lol:


wow looks like college paid off for some of us :rollingeyes: nice pic

actually i made money off of school

poor > *

ROFL i think i just peed my pants a little.

the michelin guys name is dr bibb

are you for real?

It takes me too long to spit it out when I’m riding a fat chick…

Who’s Your daddy??? The Michelin Man?

i think i know that guy he drives buy people and just says to them FUCK YOU and he does wear sun glasses
lol i like the description you gave of him lol
did u say it is a pink cavy???/

wtf 3 year old thread

Dear sir,

Welcome to 3 years ago.



P.S. I bet they hit 88MPH.

lol, fuzzy, you need to make new winter/bored kill stories

wow that picture is pretty hillarious