Chevy K30 CUCV part out

I have a 84 Chevy M1008 CUCV with 2k original miles that Im parting out
Yes it has 2k original miles the body is shot

probably not much interest on here hey what the heck

its got dana 60 front and 14bolt rear Detroit locker 4.56 gears

6.2 diesel missing injection pump

turbo 400


frames scaly but all there

pictures upon request

I wonder if this turbo 400 just might have the straight cut planetary gears I’m looking for… Could also use the complete wiring harness.

turbo 400 is the same one that came in all k30 chevys, are you interested in 24v stuff as well?

started ripping the truck apart this weekend, and I think the truck has 102k not 2k like I was told, anyhow truck still has some awesome parts on it