Christmas Party Meet

Looking for suggestions on when and where. Last years party was a blast and I am sure Hal would have us back if we wanted to do it there. We just have to keep Booger away from the Mad Elf or get everyone ponchos.

Make that Booger, Me, and my buddy Nick. Matt spilled half of every beer, Nick got cut off, and I got fucking ripped last year… might try to keep it somewhat classy this time around.

I like Hal’s. At least their staff know what to expect from us.

Great point!

i still like hals. good food and lots of fun. whenever is fine im def in. and i wont be knocked up this year (at least not that i know of) so should be more fun than trying to waddle around.

lol… the local GTO xmas party is the night of December 4th, so any night that is not that one.

I like Hals as well.

I don’t think I’ll be drinking this year.

I will be. don’t leave me hanging.

My company party is the 4th, so I vote no for that day as well.

i’d just like to say that i dont think booger or chad should be allowed to attend the christmas party, unless they drink.

Ok, I’ll drink… one.

There fixed it for ya

I’m most likely in wherever… but Hal’s is decent and so far tolerant of Pittspeed, in fact we were barely noticed… at least that’s how it felt ordering the same drink three times before getting it…


i will bring the snug wow for booger this year.

good bc im not following you home this year only to have you lose your keys in your driveway

that’s all you need.

you better wear your snuggie i got you

I still don’t know where the GTO key is from that night… I am using my spare still.

I’m in for hal’s again, I like the food there, always have a good meal THEN let the drinking commence

Hal’s for xmas party, just don’t let Booger drink.