Clarkson's "italian job"

someone did the world a favor and put it on streetfire. Just finished watching it, quite enjoyable…figured some of you would want to check it out as well.



amazingly brilliant.

Will watch :tup:

HHAHAH @ 9:38

I need to be immersed for a while. this’ll do.

just finished…well worth the 81min spent watching.



So glad you found this.

there were some awesome metaphors and quotes in there(as usual) I might have to watch again just to write them down lol

Oh MAN! Nice find! Bookmarked for after work.

F. I need to be rich.

will be watching that at home!

I’m 40 minutes in…finding it an interesting argument that lighter and more power isn’t always better…

…then there is the Zonda R lol

after some research on the ariel with the v8…it seems they mated it to a ford focus MTX-75 gearbox…hmmmmmmm lol FWD 500hp v8 focus that revs to god…traction not so much

that was amazing! that zonda R is incredible.

“Now I’m a fat sweaty man instead of a fat normal man.”

WOW! wish i had money or i had a tv show like that!

A+ would watch again.

Thanks for the link!

This was SO good. The Ferraris side-by-side, the Escort dueling the Camaro, the rumble of the SLS AMG… ugh.