Coleman Canoe w/ Trolling Motor FS/T

I have a Coleman canoe with a Minn Kota 30lb thrust trolling motor and two paddles.

$400 or trade for HD Video Camera of equal value.

Willing to separate the motor from the canoe if anyone is interested in either.

that second pic is the actual motor? lol… or just the propeller/steering…

Can I use it on any boat, even an inflateable or plastic one?

Yes that is the whole motor. All trolling motors are like that since they are electric.

It is 30lbs thrust so it would be good on a canoe, self inflatables, row boats, small boats of any kind.

It runs on a car battery so you would need room for that and it needs to attach to something. I mounted a square of plywood to the inside of my canoe and it worked great.

It is hand operated, throttle and steering.

HOw much do u want for dat moteur?


And ill drop the price of the canoe to $250

Trolling motor is sold. Canoe still available for $250