:cool: Hey great looking site…

Quick Intro, I’m Mitch from JDM-IMPORTS.com We are are on GTRC and Nisforums… My company imports JDM cars from Japan; in addition we are a parts distributor for import cars and service the vehicles we import.


Welcome to the site! If you wish for vendor status contact Zep. He is the administrator and would be glad to help you.

Do you also import Rims?

Thanks! We can get rims… we have a few sets at the shop now… I’d be interested in vendor status in the near future…


Hey Mitch what’s up man.

I’m REALLY glad you decided to join up here. It’s great to have a more local board to be on.

BTW, your engine build up is looking great!

Cheers bro :cool:

welcome… good to have you sign up… i think most of us here will need parts or cars imported :R