Cost to paint a scrape

My 08 Altima was involved in a fender bender type affair. Long story short a small part of my left side rear door area rubbed up against someone else’s front bumper. The scrape is pretty hard to notice, you have get help from a light source and the right angle to really see it, except for one small spot where you can see the white primer.

Anyhow, anyone have estimates for this kind of repair? I was quoted around $200 by Nissan dealer nearby to sand the spot down and repaint so that it’s level with the rest of the paint. I was told it might chip if I just painted over it.

Does that sound reasonable? Will it chip if I don’t get it repaired, especially where the primer is exposed? Opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.

(By the way I wasn’t driving, it was the woman! :D)

where are you located?

I know a few places in Hamilton and Brantford that will take care of this for you… $200 is a pretty good price for any minor work though… but unless the nissan dealer does it themselves (has a body shop on site) they are subletting it out so you’ll want to find the sublettee

I’m in North York and the dealership has a shop on site. If $200 is reasonable then I’m alright with that. Thanks for the help!

$200 from a dealership (who backs up thier product) sounds good. I got my front lip painted for $200 last summer and this time around it needs to be repainted :frowning: