Craigslist Of The Day Thread


i geta text at work today with this from my friend dan (93dx-hatch) this is totally me and idk if it’s one of my asshole friends messing with me or what.

either way i find it funny


LOL too funnay


LOL mat you sexy bastard!




LOLLER. “took my breath away”!


hahahahah matt youre so damn handsome


Sorry I couldn’t help it :gay2:





. . . . =)


brett you fag lol


no bitch would write “just south of” for directions SCAM


was not me matt




Woman know not directions.


I thought you would respond…I’ve been waiting


You can’t tell that is someone messing with you? :fail:


They’re actually in Nigeria and will as for a $12,000 check.


I loled when I found it


matt your so dreamy :slight_smile:


I figured it was :bs: but i NEVER go on craigslist OR check out the missed connections section on there. Dan found it like 4 days after it was posted so it wasnt like OMG look what was JUST put up on craigslist.

i think its funny, but wanna know who it was now! Not too many people know i get out of work at 330, that just started about 2 weeks ago. Only person i could think of that would write like that and know my work schedule is my 1st Lieutenant… and idk why he would do it.