Craigslist Of The Day Thread


Blocker said the son, who has a license to carry a concealed firearm, pulled out the revolver and fired at least two shots.

All three of the attackers fled. Police found one on North Broadway Boulevard and the second on Woodlawn Avenue. Both had suffered gunshot wounds to the chest.

Solid trigger control.


Yes Mr. Mendola, I had an Italian grandfather. He told my mom one to make me a Moulie Parm sandwich when I was a young Richard.




Holy shit, beer crew should love this:

Party Engine - $18900 - I’m selling a 1976 Hahn Party Engine, 671 Detroit diesel engine, refrigerated beer system, HOT TUB, great for tailgate partys, business promotions…ONE OF A KIND!!!


Does the classy woman in picture 5 come with the truck?



not Craigslist but I stumbled upon this today while cruising ebay. Check the engine bay picture.

edit: im always mad that people don’t screenshot and then I just post an ebay link :ham:

here it is:


How are these people allowed to breathe the same air as me.


no joke I remember seeing that thing in the ECC north parking lot circa 2004 all the time



Car has ruffly 130k miles


pervious owner”-Judging by the looks of it, they had to be a perv.
“Door jams”-Jelly or grape? Maybe mint based on the paint color.
“Carbon fiber spolier”-French / Canadian aftermarket parts.
“Full blitz body kit” ( polyurethene)-Apparently a new polymer we haven’t heard of yet.
“Full cat back exhaust headers back”-Must be dual exhaust if he mentioned it twice.
Break lines to rear”-Is this required once purchased or can he do this prior?
“New Rear drum braks”-Sooooooooo close.
“New fuel filter and regulater”- “O” well.
“New value cover gasket”-So how much did he save on this part?
“Newer winter tires 85% tred all around”- Must have worn of the “a” last winter.
Compelety custom rockford system”-Must be what it says on the receipt from installation.
"Currently disconnectd "- Shorted out the “e”.
“I still have all the boxs and warrenty info”-had the “e”, just ended up in the wrong place. Partial credit.
“Custom enclousor”-French / Canadian is definitely showing through.
2- 3000watt amps +
2-600watt amps +
1- 400watt amp = Shoulda just bought one 7600watt amp.
“Compassitor”- Helps you to pass other vehicles slower than you with compassion.
“4-6.5 compoent in speakers (may need replace)”-Do people with speech impediments write what they pronounce?
“Car was on rd last year before everything was redone”- I’m REALLY tired from working on this car. I don’t have the strength to type in the O and D.
“A lot of time and money invested but really need cash seeing I recently had my first child or I’d keep it.”- Do us all a favor and give the kid up for adoption so he has a chance at a normal life. Better yet, make the first one your last and try to break the chain.
“Text any time”- No number listed. Sitting there in remedial English class wondering why he’s not getting any bites on an obvious one of a kind collector car.

$4500 bo- You give me $ 4500 and I won’t tell anyone where I got this thing before I push it into the river.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers-I’d like to contact you so I can offer to come over with some 93 octane, soak that thing in dinosaur juice, and put it out of it’s misery.



Best I’ve read in a while.


lol :clap:


“Full cat back exhaust headers back”


:tup: that was good


A). Would the car even keep running with that many watts going to the stereo?-I’m legit asking as stereo stuff never really got me excited.
B). What is he trying to say about it needing to be “Sleared before washing and waxing?”
C). I feel very badly for his child


Not a valid scrabble word.


@GV1390 it’s a friggin’ space ship!

2004 BMW R1150RT w/ Hannigan Sidecar. Silver. 113K. Very nice shape. Runs and rides very well.
Serviced regularly here. 94 year old owner.
Come and check it out! $11995


that thing is perfect for me and my giant golden retriever lol. I bring him everywhere I go anyways so this would make it way more fun, plus we cant really take the cobra anywhere in the summer because he’s too big so here’s a good replacement!