Craigslist Of The Day Thread


That’s pretty rare in the world of Nissan Pulsar NXs, but there’s a reason for that…


I have never seen one of those or knew they even existed…


4 Cyl hahaha… Isn’t that just a tad bit close to the price of a decent used GTR?


Me either. So does the back open like a truck cap? Does the “cap” portion lift off? I didn’t think it was possible to do anything to make a Pulsar uglier-this proves that with determination anything is possible


I know some of you guys like older trucks…someone better jump on this deal


That front end reminds me of that movie “teeth”.


my mom had one of those when I was a kid. not the rare euro sport. but just a regular one.

it was Pontiac branded, because I remember the c fell off and then we all called it “the pontia”

I threw up in the backwards facing rear seat once on a road trip, too much popcorn and driving backwards made me all dizzy.

the car never smelled the same and my dad sold it shortly afterwards to make room for a minivan

thanks for reading


That movie was just wrong man.


I never want to see that movie again. That was not right by any means.






Probably some stock car with a fake IC :slight_smile:


This deserves to be here:

Blocker said the father and son had come to Battle Creek to look at a car advertised on the internet classified advertising site.

They had been directed to an address they found didn’t exist and were jumped by three men.

Blocker said the son, who has a license to carry a concealed firearm, pulled out the revolver and fired at least two shots.

All three of the attackers fled. Police found one on North Broadway Boulevard and the second on Woodlawn Avenue. Both had suffered gunshot wounds to the chest.



It’s too bad he didn’t blow their heads off Banshee style.


On my application for my concealed carry one of the reasons I put was that I do a lot of buying and selling on craigslist and that whenever possible I meet in public places but when buying larger items it’s sometimes not an option.

The Amherst judge approved it. :slight_smile:


Good call.


My boss said he told the judge he didn’t want any moulies robbing him as he is the first one in.




Yeah if I’m out of the house, my gun goes with me. Craigslist people suck.


I haven’t heard that one in a while! moulies that is…

curious if you even know what it means or if its just something you picked up from movies :slight_smile:

this thread reminds me, I need to get my CC!