Craigslist Of The Day Thread


ugh I hate 80sstyling… but its still a maseradi lol


u moved???


lol yeah like a week ago.I invited you to my going away party, I guess you never got the message.


I don’t even know where to start…

  1. as already mentioned…Maseradi???
  2. does run if you finish it out. Seriously? Isn’t this the case with any backyard rotbox?
  3. Nice trailer
  4. Porcha red?
  5. Imported leather interior from England. Yeah, it’s that ultra-rare rotted-wood look.
  6. Nice car? Worth 15k when finished? Only if it had a suitcase with 14800 one-dollar bills in it.

Seriously, these were the absolute worst.




I seriously just spilled my coffee laughing so hard hahahaha


bi twin turbo,s.
82,000 ariginal miles


^^^^ maybe if it was white?


:bigclap: :bigclap: :bigclap:


hi I live in a trailer park, do you want to do on a date with me? we can take my turbo Maserati.


porcha red ftmfw


Wow. Hicks should be put in a special camp.


trailer parks?

just because they got tricked into thinking it was their choice to live together doesnt mean it was actually voluntary


not only are these sick ass parts , but this guy can spell and speak like the best of them haha.Oh btw only call if you are interesting!
if your boring then fuck off you dont deserve these JDM BLINGS!


I’m interesting, I should call.


haha well id hope so, because no one likes a boring buyer


tank you!


“you last change call good over”

I can’t even begin to figure out what that means. I can make out your last chance, but what is call good over supposed to mean?


good booty call?


Only if you’re interesting.