Craigslist Of The Day Thread


i have some parts that fits a accura integra if you are intresting give me a call at 585-309-7324 tank you cuba or give me a call at 585-458-8687 after 5pm thank you last change call good over

Tank you cuba… as in cuban?

dont call this guy people… he is a scammer.


LOL I dont think anyone really would want those parts anyways.Someone should call him and fuck with him.


think this might be a scam?


I also seen a 03 navigator just now on CL for $4621. :gotme:


most definately…search “2941” or whatever the price is. i bet other cars will come up for that wierd price too. not a coincidence. scam


def a scam.


If the price isn’t a dead giveaway, the email address in bold blue letters always tells you it’s a scam


^^^so true


no registration in the window, another tell tale sign


Emailing him now. We’ll see what happens. lol


What will happen is you will start receiving spam email because they will now have your email address…


scammmmedd… it got the red flag


I emailed her posing as a potential buyer, let’s see what she says.








how do you know? I emailed her and an automatic message popped up…lol…I knew it was spam before I emailed her…that price is just too good to be true.


lol, flagged for removal like 4 minutes after you posted this. There are about 2500 of these on craigslist right now.


This was her response…

Hi ,
Thanks for being interested in buying my car. It is in a good
condition, no scratches,no damages,never been implicated in any
accidents,no problems at the engine,runs very well. It has an 6 Cyl
engine 52,000 miles, clear title, a perfect car. The price is not
negotiable ,$2,750 firm.The only thing because i am selling it,because
i divorced with my husband and after the divorce i own this car,now as
a woman i dont need it(i dont have driver license)…we will use
only eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection to complete the sale. If you are
interested and you have the funds available email me your full name
and shipping address.


Yea I flagged it after I got that response from her.