Craigslist Of The Day Thread


can we all agree to stop posting craigslist (and all other internet) scams? PLEASE?


^^ +1

Why even bother posting if you expected it to get flagged let alone flagged it yourself? Knowing none of us would even get to see it…?


well here is a pic, she wants $2750.00 for it








Would make sense for 27,500… Sigh.


were dropped on your head at any point in your life?


i agree that these threads are getting out of hand and rather pointless… i’m just gonna close this one



lol @ prophet of god.


Just email him:

Jesus told me to email you.


"Dear sir,

I saw your add and it appears that you’re calling out for help. Mentioning you’re an athiest, and making it a big deal, it is obvious you are confused and looking for someone to be there for you. I discussed with my priest today, and he told me that you are indeed in need of our assistance! I would very much like to come meet with you, as I am a registered nurse and more than capable of being there for you and your soul. Please, call me as soon as you get this! I will be there promptly!

Thank you for your time, and God Bless!

P.S. I would more than gladly wipe your ass! My favorite part of the job! "


that’s pretty close to me… the commute wouldn’t be too bad.


same here, well i wouldnt say pretty close to me.


“pretty close” = over an hour. lol.


lol alright. haymarket is about 50 miles from me


lol at his e-mail


do you think he is cute?


poor bastard, you guys shouldn’t mess with it.

Imagine if that were you, how pissed off you would be at yourself and the world.


I think it is a pretty solid add. He throws it all down on the table what is needed, and that he isn’t dealing with any bullshit.

If you guys were to mess with him it would be ultra gay.

So gay in fact, that it would be like picking on a handicapped person. Oh wait you already are. FGGTS