Craigslist Of The Day Thread


Something like this wouldnt be put on craigslist :lol:


lol no front calipers? AFAIR, that’s acutally a GTO under a fiberglass shell from the transformers movie


i thought we werent gonna post these anymore…


someone go check it out…

he’s got 4 of em! LOL




I know, I dont think the preproduction cars even have VIN #s and legally cannot be sold or registered

As far as I know GM crushes them when they are done with them

However every now and then they come up for sale


nice find


:lol: :clap:


Someone give him a call… couldn’t hurt lol


There is no such thing as a big block 2006 Camaro.
The one in the pic is a rebodied GTO made for the Transformers movie.
GM has only made to date 6 or 7 Camaro concepts. So this guy buy 4 is a ton of BS. And you think GM is going to sell them for cheap since they cost millions to make, have no vins, and are unfinished products?

However I am curious to what the Nigerian scammer says. Someone contact him with interest.

Other than that /thread


I just find it interesting that they would try and scam people for $39k

most of the scams are $39k cars for $5k




Ya seems a little legit. I have seen concept cars come up for sale. The lower price for a rare car is like was posted earlier is that these are not allowed on the roads typically since they do not come with standard saftey requirements or vin numbers. More of a collector item.

If he says he requires cash and you to show up with 39k in cash, you might want to be concerned.


Group buy?


Most of the scammers on craigslist are from nigeria or somewhere real far off and would not know to put tonawanda as the location. I would like to see where this goes


I’ll repeat.

There has NEVER been a prototype big block 2006 Camaro.


I have been following the car since they originally announced bringing it back. If someone buys that concept car and has it in their driveway, I will GIVE you $100

Did I say NEVER ?


I will take that $100.

This car does exist. It might not be a “BIG BLOCK” but it is the concept model from the 2006 Detroit Auto Show.

The Camaro concept features GM’s 6.0L LS2 V8 producing 400 ponies and delivering over 30 mpg on the highway thanks to Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation). The tranny is a proper yet modern six-speed manual. 21-inch wheels up front and 22-inchers in the rear keep this (future) blast from the past on the road.


I’m not saying that the concept doesn’t exist, I have seen every one of them that GM has brought out to Buffalo, Toronto, Las Vegas, etc. But there was never a big block concept.

And you don’t have it in your driveway, so nahhhhh :slight_smile:



Pic Fail…