CS:S PLAYERS - Look Inside

I somehow managed to get a CS:S server sponsorship, even though I barely play. I guess someone thinks I’m pretty good :gotme: I have to keep it semi stocked with players and recruit more for the “team” immediately.

Here’s the deal. Come play in my server - named MTWTHFSSU for now (don’t ask) - it’ll be a whole lot of fun because I’m admin and you can do whatever you want. If you have time to play regularly (which I don’t even have the time to) and are a solid player, I’ll READ GIVE YOU ADMIN FOR FREE but you have to play there regularly and keep the peace.

OK go play now.

Footnotes: I’m a huge nerd

if i didnt stop playing that for other games that aren’t flooded wit 10yr olds, I’d be in on this

wish i could, but pc died so all i have is a mac…

I’m dissapointed. Come on guys, 16 person server and I’m offering total immunity as long as I know who you are (use your nyspeed handle) and a chance to get admin since I have no time to run it…if you can’t play ask your friends :tup:

if soomeone can gime me a copy of source or let me have thiers that they do not use i will be all over it!!! im on cs all the time when im not working to hook me up and i willl hook you up aZn… im just not paying 70 bucks for it… sorry

wanna buy my steam account?

Sell it to him cheap :tup:

i owe chino money first so he comes first so i got no extra money… i already have a steam account too… but i dunno i don’t have anything i can trade i guess… im kinda screwed… unless you just wanna donate it… plus don’t i need the cd or something to download and register the game or what?

you need to download it. I’m not sure how it works if I was to “give” it to you… I moved it from PC to PC a year ago… so its a little foggy in my mind.

well if you wanna donate for the time being that woulkd be sweet and then we can talk about compensation later if you don’t use yers at all id love to… just pm me… and we shall work out the details

hey i play pretty often now that im on break, i’ll check it out, my name on there is [Udel]FMattD


anyone know how to do this?

BTW - I have the silver package

He just needs your STEAM username and password I believe. Your account is good on any computer. After he logs in he’ll have to download HL2/CS:S and whatever else he needs he will get from steam.

Essentially you are giving/selling your username/password.

Update: Same IP but name changed to WNY - WeekGamers CS:Source

Change the rotation to CAL maps, like drop chateau and piranesi and stuff. Not many people who pub like those maps let alone the “pro gaming” community" who hate them with a passion. Will keep people playing there longer :tup:


If you are playing, need an admin, and none are there (Admins: [tag] Olimar - me, Kovas, Oplem) message me on AIM zg326. I’ll send an admin in there asap or go there myself.

i have to find out what my password is. And I would want the account name changed. I don’t want him to give GhostSquid a bad name.

lol GhostSquid…just play source Jack, you know you want to :slight_smile:

Yeh, its on Chateau right now. Aztec/Dust/Dust2/Mill/Cbble/Inferno/Prodigy/Train would probably work for a while as thats a normal rotation.