DC2 CF rear Hatch Brand New

just picked up my old integra and got a CF rear hatch for it and im not sure i feel like rocking it

it is a VIS Racing CSL style trunk heres a link to show you what CSL means really

Id like to get rid of it to help fund some stuff i wanna do with the car so im asking 450$ for it and as of now im prety firm on that since i never see these around really

it is a bare CF hatch needs glass etc.

willing to do partial trade for turbo parts/kit

cant believe the lack of interest on this thing…

Yeah it took me forever to get rid of this lol. did he give you the carbon fiber door panel inserts as well?

haha great

ya i have them

PM me your contact info please

pmd, lmk


its been like 3 days, and you’re listing it for 450 bux, even if its 700 new and you dont want it, take a loss and sell it for 300, or wait more than 72 hrs to sell it at the price youd like

i just cant believe theres no real interest i never see these forsale

but thanks for the pointers:lol:

ill take 400 for it if anyone is thinking about it





thats something you dont see everyday on an integra.



It’s gonna be a tough sell, the CF craze has seem to come and gone, so you have a limited market and no real gain in having one since all the weight is in the glass itself.


bump make offer