Dimension One Spas Hot Tub

I have this Hot tub I have been refurbishing. It had some leaks from when I moved it from the person I got it from. Shell is in excellent shape. New control panel and wire. Has new insulation, pillows, a couple replaced jets, New main drain, and some new pipe work. Pumps work strong. The tub is very big and deep. Has a Lounger and seats. The tub needs a new cover as the one I had got wrecked from the massive snow we got this winter. The pumps run good but have a small will need new rubber seals and there is a leak in the back breathers that need to be resealed. The wood is old and faded can be replaced with paneling or painted. Come look at it. PM me. Located in colonie on sand creek road.

if u havent by now, throw it on c/l now is the time to sell these

May I bring 5 of my freinds and take it for a test drive?

GLWS man, hot tubs are bad ass. Biggest thing that sucked about moving out of my rents was an inground pool and a hot tub right outside tyhe back door

bump, looking to clear up some space in my backyard.

OBO. Things so deep you could swim in it

Pics ?

its located in Colonie, pm me I would rather have people come look in person. I can take some tomorrow.

wasnt this your wedding gift?

its taking up space.

ahhh, i wish i could find a deal like this down here in VA

thats what u get for moving

original post updated

I remember trying to get that sucker to fit on the trailer… Pretty nice unit tho

I’m interested !!!

my shoulder has degraded even more, wondering if this is deep enough for me to fully soak in, considering I’m 6’2

plenty deep enough. esp. in the lounger section