dirt bike :)

got one today 95 CR250 off of spangler. picked it up today and brought it to my house. my car and bike are STUFFED into my garage. :hitit: ill get pics up of the bike when i get time.

lemme ride it!


there it is


We need to have a Pittspeed dirt bike meet.



purple seat :greddy:

thats what im saying. alot of people ride on here i have seen in the hobbies thread.

i am just starting out again. road about 6 years ago then stopped then had my TL1000R for a few months this pass summer but forget how to ride a dirtbike again. dirtbike meet webster or finelyville dumps.

spangler had it first :dunno:

looks good

it looks good

There is a ton of trails out past South Park, heading out towards 51 on a back road…always see people riding.

but i need to get a dirtbike first…

I’m just starting out again after 8 years. 4strokes came a LONG way since then.

All of the dumps around here are getting hauled out. I’d be up for trailering down towards you guys. I could bring two buddies with me too.

no aluminum frame, no care.


last I heard, webster was closed. If someone knows if it is open again please post here.

If Webster is open again, I will hang on to my IT465.

i was at aarons the night before mac got it. it fired right up and runs really good. thats a great motor

Honda’s Rule

team RED :blue: