Do you want to be the biggest fggt in your neighborhood?! (MY2003 BB S2000 inside)

If you want to come in here and tell me that (A) I’m a faggot, (B) I have a small dick, © I suck at life, (D) My car is slow, (E) I’m a fucking ricer, (F) I’m asking too much, (G) You have seen other S2Ks selling for less on another forum, in another state, or on CL; then you should go fuck yourself, because I already know this, and it does not affect me.

Alright, so I’m at the point where I no longer care about cars. If it gets me from point A to point B, requires minimal maintenance, and gets decent MPGs: that is all I really need. I have a motorcycle, and really don’t need two summer vehicles.

So, I’m posting my 2003 Berlina Black Honda S2000.

I’m going to go ahead and tell you everything that you could possibly nitpick about, so I don’t have to hear you cry like a little bitch and try to get money taken off the asking price.

:tdown: THE CAR HAS A SALVAGE TITLE!!! I have driven it without ANY issues relating to this. I was told by the previous owner that it was salvage due to theft recovery. This vehicle is currently registered and inspected in NY and there will be no issues with transferring the title. Unlike rebuilt salvage branded vehicles from other states, there will be no 6 month wait to be inspected and cleared by NY State.
:tdown:The top has a couple of rips in it. They have been patched, aesthetically it isn’t the best job. Functionally, it does the job and doesn’t leak a drop. If you want a new top, go for it. Personally, I don’t think it would be worth it at the moment.
:tdown: There are several rock chips on the hood and bumper. This car is model year 2003, this is to be expected. Many of them will probably buff out, personally, they’re not noticeable unless you’re close. With that said, the paint is far from perfect, being a black car flaws are more noticeable, but is by no means bad for the model year.
:tdown: The trunk was re-painted last summer. My friend placed a hydraulic jack in the trunk and closed it, the jack nicked a small dent into the hood, < the size of a bb. I had it repaired and repainted. The paint is NOT Berlina Black, but it isn’t noticeable unless you are <6 inches away and looking for it.
:tdown: Clutch has begun to slip, just purchased an AP2 clutch, I just haven’t had time to install it yet. Chances are, it will be done long before it is sold.
:tdown: There is a scratch on the driver side door. It is about 3/4" in length. I’m sure it will buff out.
:tdown: There is a scrape along the bottom of the front bumper. Went over a very steep incline at a less than great angle.
:tdown: Wheels are hot pink, calipers are neon green. For most of you fggts, this is a bad thing. Personally, I like to piss all of you fggts off that take cars/life/the interwebs so seriously. Thanks for hating :tup: If you’d like to change the color, an hour of sanding and an hour of painting is all that you need.

Mileage: 90,xxx (Literally just hit 90k as I was driving it today)

  • Seats are in good condition, as compared to most AP1 seats. Driver seat 7/10, Passenger seat 8/10

  • Carpets are clean, driver side has a hole in the factory carpet covers, along with missing S2000 logo. Passenger side is 9/10.

  • Interior is the matching black. Interior for the most part is clean. 8/10

  • Motor does not burn oil, beside the normal VTECH going BLAHHHHH and noming on that shit like a normal Honda.

  • Body is perfect. No dents, dings, etc.

  • I have not tracked or abused the car. I drove it ONCE in the snow, took it to Main St. Hand Wash after, had them go to work on the underside.

:tup: New rears were mounted at Licata’s, when they did my alignment, last month I believe. They have damn near 100% tread. Fronts have like 60% I would assume.
:tup: Brakes were done, all the way around, last summer. Plenty of life left.
:tup: Engine bay is SUPER clean, if you’d like to have a picnic on it, let me know, it can be arranged.
:tup: Oil changed every 3k with Mobil1 Synthetic.
:tup:Tranny & diff fluids changed every 15k.

Looking for $9200. As far as trades, I’m undecided as to what I would like to daily, and am considering selling my other vehicles to focus on other things.
If you want to lowball or talk shit, find a different thread to shit up.
Anything else that I forgot, just ask. Thanks. I love your wiener. <3

CL link:

Bahaha. This is how you sell a car. :tup:


HAHAHA :tup:


YO was there when this HOMO bought that car… he changed every fluid the first week he had it with all OEM shit. Kid might be a fag but the car is straight… but really take off the stickers powdercoat the wheels and this thing with be super clean, GLWS drivin it a few times and its solid

Is this the S2000 I see at UB all the time?

Yes, sir. That would be me. I doubt there is another s2k even close to as obnoxious as mine, anywhere around here. lol

Great car and a good dude selling it, sad to see you get out of cars though.

free bump for this wiener loving faggot… clean car GLWS!

i started liking these a lot lately…

GLWS :tup:

I like your penis diagram

Car looks really clean!

Thanks everyone for the kind words, especially ‘thach’ since I worked hard on that drawing of the yellow dick. I posted a link to the CL ad that I just posted. Hopefully, I don’t have an in box full of emails from Nigerian scam artists and people wanting to rape my dog and film it, when I check it.
Also, Walker: If you’d like to trade the Porsche, I may consider fun cars again… Kidding.

I really like the ad, GLWS!

My girlfriend said she saw a black miata with pink wheels the other day. I knew what she was talking about. I’ll have to show her the ad now that I see it is for sale.

I want. Sucks that a 2 seater isn’t practical for me. 8(

Just shove the kids in the trunk^ glws.

If kids were the issue I’d probably just sell them to help fund the endeavor. :wink:

You really need to change that CL link, Fast.

Does purchase of the car include your sig?

Pic of engine bay is now up.

Lol. Miatas are for girls =(. (I still love you PaulB and Minglor.)

Hard top, roof rack. BAM! Problem solved.

Wow. I’m such a fucktard. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that. Thank you.

Yes, and possibly man love!