Anyone else headed to Erie this weekend??


Damn that look serious.


¯_(ツ)_/¯ seems normal to me at this point. Haha.

So far so good. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get some pics/vid


More to come!


I don’t think this link works as intended.


Were you trying to link a video?


Yea, the same pasted link worked on roclife.

I can’t believe vb did something better than discourse. It’s been solid so far.


Hummm… looks like we’re either missing a plugin or the video is locked on the FB side. I know I’ve posted FB video here in testing and it worked.


You put a LS into a old P130 and made it a drift car? Something you dont see everyday or ever.


It’s an Amazon/122, but yea, quite fun. This winter I want to swap the body onto a mustang or something to get more room in the engine bay for full headers and better brakes/suspension.

My hastag on IG is #ls122, which is LS1+122

edit: an LS1 into this chassis has been done at least 2 times I’ve seen by shops so they are full on builds. I’m just out here sendin it.




Looks pretty crazy,I realized old brick 240s drifting was a thing but never seen any volvos this old.