Anyone else headed to Erie this weekend??


Damn that look serious.


¯_(ツ)_/¯ seems normal to me at this point. Haha.

So far so good. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get some pics/vid


More to come!


I don’t think this link works as intended.


Were you trying to link a video?


Yea, the same pasted link worked on roclife.

I can’t believe vb did something better than discourse. It’s been solid so far.


Hummm… looks like we’re either missing a plugin or the video is locked on the FB side. I know I’ve posted FB video here in testing and it worked.


You put a LS into a old P130 and made it a drift car? Something you dont see everyday or ever.


It’s an Amazon/122, but yea, quite fun. This winter I want to swap the body onto a mustang or something to get more room in the engine bay for full headers and better brakes/suspension.

My hastag on IG is #ls122, which is LS1+122

edit: an LS1 into this chassis has been done at least 2 times I’ve seen by shops so they are full on builds. I’m just out here sendin it.




Looks pretty crazy,I realized old brick 240s drifting was a thing but never seen any volvos this old.


Another event coming up Sept 22nd and 23rd.



Already registered!



I will see you there then. I will be on the track taking pictures.

Josh, I’m getting to accomplish for the second time standing on the track while guys are drifting. :wink: haha.


This weekend is the drift event in North East, PA at Lake Erie Speedway. Anyone going?


I decided not to go last minute. My two buddies never registered and it got full plus one of them still couldn’t get their car fixed.


That sucks, I was actually looking forward to seeing the car. Looks like it would be so unique for this event. Would have loved to photograph it.

However, I saw a rule about having underglows on the car? That was a weird rule. Was it because of the night drifting and needing to be seen by everyone? lol Like the track lights wouldn’t have taken care of that.


I think it’s just bros being bros. Or maybe most drift cars don’t have working headlight and taillights?

You can see it whenever you want, just lemme know.

Current plan is to do the winter rally series and maybe more drifting in the spring.


Got a chance to throw some edits together last night from this event. I have entirely way too many photos to go through from this. A total of roughly 70 cars went to this event.

D and D Photos Drift Photos