Dual monitor Progs

I’m using ultramon right now and somethings are getting on my nerves with it… anyone have another suggestion thats like ultramon?

i love ultramon. do you have windoze xp pro? it has built in dual monitor support.

well i know it has the dual monitor support but it just seems pretty fucking buggy (with aim being docked and such)

oh also add to that when i remote desktop it freezes most of the time … i need remote desktop one of the few (but incredibly important) reasons why i have windows still… I hate VNC

We have 130 workstations with dual monitor support.

VNC works fine for us - I don’t know what is going on with yours…

ultramon FTW :tup:

I’ve been using built in dual monitor support for years and have never had a problem.

I use ultramon, love it. Try downloaded the most recent version. I did, and I was amazed that the few things I didn’t like, they fixed :slight_smile: